Life before the Six.

It’s interesting to think that 11,000 years ago, the greater Toronto area were inhibited by Indigenous people. I was aware the Indigenous people lived in the Toronto area, but never thought for at least 11,000 years. They have a long, rich history with the environment of Toronto. But now, it’s covered with skyscrapers. I am […]

The Great Lakes Conference and the Progress of the Environmental Awakening

Often known as the “Environmental Revolution”, the term refers to the societal shift to more environmentally friendly policies.  Beginning in the mid to late 60’s the environmental movement saw a drastic change in the way people interpreted their relation to the Earth. For the Great Lakes at least this would culminate in the signing of […]

Blog #3 – The Great Lakes as a Place of Conflict

“It’s not just one community, its 63% of our communities who don’t have access to clean drinking water” – Native American speaker during the Q & A session. The disjunction between what was being scientifically reported about the conditions of the lake as generally positive**  and the reality that Native American’s were living in shocked […]

Opening the Floodgates on Natural Catastrophes and Social Production

According to Castonguay, both historians and social scientists have linked natural catastrophes to social production such as social structures, human action, and elite discourse. While social structures refer to different levels of social equality/inequality, human action action refers to the creation of human infrastructure, and elite discourse refers to the businesses or the ruling elite who […]

Citizens of the Web: Wikipedia, Crowdsourcing, and the Amateur

In the Swartz reading, we get a brief overview of Wikipedia’s history, which can be described as “just like any other project: a small group of colleagues working together toward a common goal”. However, what is remarkable about the creation and contributions to the online encyclopedia is that it was the “world’s largest encyclopedia in four years […]

Blog #2: What is History?

“… the past is not remote and dead but a comfortable companion… they (amateur historians) create passionate histories and revel in the past as a living, sustaining resource.” ~Benjamin Filene The idea of history by “amateurs” is contentious to many classical historians- and it would make some turn in their graves, especially those literary giants […]

How to understand the internet and new pseudoacademic anonymity

This weeks readings saw a shift from the creation of the Internet and with it the emergence of faster communication towards anonymous intellectual collaboration. The role of the ‘masses’ plays a big part in keeping the intellectual state of the Internet alive. The authors draw on Wikipedia (Rosenzweig, Swartz) and more general community projects (Owens, […]

Geek Culture and the Internet

The Wikipedia article titled Why Wikipedia is not so Great acknowledges the “geek priorities” of the online encyclopedia. The article referenced the enormous repertoire of obscure science fiction characters, computer science, physics and math articles while contrasting it to the smaller amount of articles in history, art, literature and film. The internet allows open expression […]

Blog #1: The Library of Alexandria is everywhere and it’s pretty great.

“An enquire program capable of external hypertext links was the difference between imprisonnment and freedom, dark and light.” – Tim Berners-Lee The breakthrough by Berners-Lee, creating the key components of the World Wide Web, including a systematic means by which computers can “communicate” with each other (HTTP) and an “address system” (URI) which allowed for […]

An Introduction to me

My name is Kevin Nguyen. I am a fourth year student double majoring in English and History. I am currently working part time at IKEA. I originally took this class because it offered something new and exciting compared to other fourth year history classes. Besides historical analyses and historiographcial debates this class promised to teach […]

Hello world.

Hello guys! I’m Janet, I’m in my third year studying political science, history and anthropology. Some specific academic interests include a wide variety different topics including political theory, classical history, and contemporary political debate. What I think I will enjoy about this class most is its unusual format and how relevant it is to todays’ […]

Introductory Post

My name is Daniel. What interests me about this class? Learning our local heritage is interesting, but I am more excited to learn how to use WordPress and doing the project. I’m a bit sick of the usual grind in the courses I’ve taken – paper after paper usually on things that have been covered […]

Welcome to WordPress!

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