“free” as in “free speech,” not as in “free beer”

When reading the article on “What is free software”, I immediately thought of open source software. Reading the section talking about different degrees of freedom made me think free software is the same as open source software. However, after doing a little more research on free software and open source software, I learned that the […]

Levels of Design

I am currently in a software engineering course. In the course, we learn to identify a problem and develop a solution for it. My team and I decided to work on the problem that exists in dietary restrictions. Our android app allows the user to take a picture of a barcode and the app will […]

Topics I’m interested in…hopefully

I have been delaying this for so long because I have no idea what topic interest me. So after many hours of research, I believe I found a topic I would like to focus on. Having a flashback to my first year in university, back when I was in Life Science. Long ago when I […]

New Form of Narration

Coming from a computer science background, I always looked at things from a design and innovate side of things. I find history to be very different to computer science. In the world of computer science, we’re always taught to look for the problem and find a solution. Usually the problem is something that already exists. […]

Awareness in Hamilton

I was always aware of oil being dumped into lakes, rivers, etc. and covering animals with oil because of the Dawn dish soap commericals. In 1860s, Hamiltonian John William Kerr, reported that the fish caught in the Sherman Inlet tasted of coal oil emitted frmo two refineries at the water’s edge alongside the railway tracks. […]

Long Over Due

My name is John Cho and I am in my fourth year. I am doing a specialist in Computer Science. I know basic web development (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, etc.) from projects and designing websites. I am taking this course because it is very different from the courses I have taken in university. All the […]

Life before the Six.

It’s interesting to think that 11,000 years ago, the greater Toronto area were inhibited by Indigenous people. I was aware the Indigenous people lived in the Toronto area, but never thought for at least 11,000 years. They have a long, rich history with the environment of Toronto. But now, it’s covered with skyscrapers. I am […]