Hacker Ethics and Steam: a question of Communal or Commodity

In Christopher M Kelty’s Inventing Copyleft the issue of copyright is disputed through Stallman and Gosling over their respective programs. This discussion challenges the nature of the web and its ability or lack of to properly commodify code. The “hacker ethic” implies a mentality of cooperation and sharing to develop code and software. To what […]

Oral Tradition: The Western Fascination with Homer

In thinking of oral histories and their political uses, I am reminded of perhaps one of the greatest authors in ancient literature, Homer. Famed for works such as the Iliad and the Odyssey, Homer is an example of the oral traditions that has since been recorded. The question of the validity of Homer has long […]

A tad late, Inquiry into the Beaches of Toronto

In thinking of the development of the water resources that surround Toronto, I became interested in the development of beaches. In reading the article which discusses the development of Hamilton and its relation to its native waterways, I became interested in the development of beaches in Toronto. Beaches were represented as both a necessity of […]

Mapping Ararat: Understanding Spatial History

In reading this week’s readings, I am reminded of a project introduced to me prior in another class. This project dealt with the issue of spatial history in a Jewish context. Before the establishment of the State of Israel, there have been many proposals to establish a Jewish homeland. One such proposal was the city […]

The Great Lakes Conference and the Progress of the Environmental Awakening

Often known as the “Environmental Revolution”, the term refers to the societal shift to more environmentally friendly policies.  Beginning in the mid to late 60’s the environmental movement saw a drastic change in the way people interpreted their relation to the Earth. For the Great Lakes at least this would culminate in the signing of […]

Geek Culture and the Internet

The Wikipedia article titled Why Wikipedia is not so Great acknowledges the “geek priorities” of the online encyclopedia. The article referenced the enormous repertoire of obscure science fiction characters, computer science, physics and math articles while contrasting it to the smaller amount of articles in history, art, literature and film. The internet allows open expression […]

An Introduction to me

My name is Kevin Nguyen. I am a fourth year student double majoring in English and History. I am currently working part time at IKEA. I originally took this class because it offered something new and exciting compared to other fourth year history classes. Besides historical analyses and historiographcial debates this class promised to teach […]