Blog #5 – Dominion over the Lake: Commerce, Power, and Speed.

Speaking frankly, I know next to nothing on early Canadian history. I believe it is truly a disservice that the Canadian schooling system seems to prioritize more contemporary political history or “British Canadian” history rather than the long and fascinating period when the territory of “Canada” was a chaotic assortment of powers on the uncertain and shifting […]

Blog #4 – Geography and Visual Sources, a Critique of the Discipline of History

“If GIS is ever to become central to historical scholarship, it must do so within the norms embraced by historians and from a sophisticated understanding of the philosophy of history and not simply its methods.” – David J. Bodenhamer in “History and GIS: Implications for the Discipline” It is difficult to believe that geography and […]

Blog #3 – The Great Lakes as a Place of Conflict

“It’s not just one community, its 63% of our communities who don’t have access to clean drinking water” – Native American speaker during the Q & A session. The disjunction between what was being scientifically reported about the conditions of the lake as generally positive**  and the reality that Native American’s were living in shocked […]

Blog #2: What is History?

“… the past is not remote and dead but a comfortable companion… they (amateur historians) create passionate histories and revel in the past as a living, sustaining resource.” ~Benjamin Filene The idea of history by “amateurs” is contentious to many classical historians- and it would make some turn in their graves, especially those literary giants […]

Blog #1: The Library of Alexandria is everywhere and it’s pretty great.

“An enquire program capable of external hypertext links was the difference between imprisonnment and freedom, dark and light.” – Tim Berners-Lee The breakthrough by Berners-Lee, creating the key components of the World Wide Web, including a systematic means by which computers can “communicate” with each other (HTTP) and an “address system” (URI) which allowed for […]

Hello world.

Hello guys! I’m Janet, I’m in my third year studying political science, history and anthropology. Some specific academic interests include a wide variety different topics including political theory, classical history, and contemporary political debate. What I think I will enjoy about this class most is its unusual format and how relevant it is to todays’ […]