Levels of Design

I am currently in a software engineering course. In the course, we learn to identify a problem and develop a solution for it. My team and I decided to work on the problem that exists in dietary restrictions. Our android app allows the user to take a picture of a barcode and the app will idenifty whether the product is edible for the user. The user must indicate their dietary restrictions. We have created a prototype for it and about to be in the process of testing it out with users. In the course, my professor mentioned a way to sell the app was using personas. He gave us this video as a reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B23iWg0koi8. We had to create a video to demo our prototype and what our group did was create a persona to tell the story of using our app. I found it fun to be able to create a fictional character. In computer science, I don’t get a lot of opportunity to be creative. Our app currently focuses on vegans. Asking a lot of my vegan friends and thinking of my daily problems as a vegan (only one week vegan), I got to create a character that represented most of us and the problems we all relate to. The problem of not knowing for sure whether we can eat something or not. Whether it’s actually vegan. I didn’t go as detailed as the steps shown in chapter 3 of Communicating Design. However, doing the research and understanding what majority of the people’s root problem is a crucial part in creating a new product. As I have mentioned in the previous blogs, we live in a era where users’ thoughts are significant to a company. Because of the internet, voicing our complaints and criticizing people and their work got so much easier.

I found it interesting that a persona is created to be used as a tool to help connect the engineers and the actual users. I find it cool that we have to create a fake person that represent people for engineers to know what/who to design it for. To me, I see persona as a robot. I think of a robot beceause we give it specific critierias and specs such as loyatly, activity, and breadth. I may just find creating a robot that is more like a person or close enough that we can build products to satisfy people to be cool. The whole idea of humans creating a thing (even though it’s not phsyical thing), I find interesting. This may be because I’ve recently been watching Westworld.

ps. amazing show.

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