Topics I’m interested in…hopefully

I have been delaying this for so long because I have no idea what topic interest me. So after many hours of research, I believe I found a topic I would like to focus on. Having a flashback to my first year in university, back when I was in Life Science. Long ago when I had to do readings and research in biology, I thought I could focus more on the ecology of Lake Ontario. There is a lot of history to Lake Ontario and I believe that the ecology of the lake is an important story to highlight.

I thought I could do some research on the ecology of Lake Ontario from the early 1600s to the present. The ecology of Lake Ontario is a pretty big topic to cover. So I thought I could narrow my focus more on the fish. I thought fish could be a focus because I remembered fishing is one of the topics that was suggested to us in the e-mail. I thought maybe it might be relevant enough for me to research more on the types of species that exist and the extinct. Possibly discuss the pros and cons of the fish in Lake Ontario. And possibly the relationship of the fish and the residents near the lake.

Other thoughts I had on the ecology of Lake Ontario was to discuss the human impact on Lake Ontario. Talk about the quality of the water, the organisms that is dependent on the lake. Explain the ecosystem and the important key roles each species had in it. Discuss some of the forests that were near the lake. I think the forest or the ecosystem could be an interesting topic to research also. I don’t know how much information exists on forests near Lake Ontario but I’m sure there are some for the ecosystem of the lake.

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