Long Over Due

My name is John Cho and I am in my fourth year. I am doing a specialist in Computer Science. I know basic web development (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, etc.) from projects and designing websites.

I am taking this course because it is very different from the courses I have taken in university. All the courses I take are lectures and assignments. However, this course allow students to have discussions on the topics we’re learning and that to me is amazing. This is my first history course in about 6 years. I am thankful to be surrounded by students who are majoring in History. This gives me the opportunity to learn as much as I can and understand the thinking process of students in a different study than I am. I believe this class will be a challenge to me because the course is the opposite of what I am used to. However, I am looking forward to tackle the challenges and learn from my mistakes.

Facts About Me

I enjoy learning new things and being exposed to different ideas. I am most excited to be able to work on my weakness, writing. My program doesn’t require a lot of writing…or any writing. So, I am excited to be able to practice and improve my weakness. I am currently a Don here at University College. I enjoy reading topics on communication and body language. I am fascinated in how people interact with each other and how people think (sounds creepy when I write it out…).


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