An Introduction to me

My name is Kevin Nguyen. I am a fourth year student double majoring in English and History. I am currently working part time at IKEA. I originally took this class because it offered something new and exciting compared to other fourth year history classes. Besides historical analyses and historiographcial debates this class promised to teach technical skills as well. In the direction the world is moving in today I thought it to be worthwhile to take this class and broaden my horizons as both a history student and a person in this modern era. I am looking forward to the technical labs and learning these new skills. I’ve also taken some courses in Canadian history and literature and am interested in how that knowledge would translate over to more local history. Something that most people don’t immediately know about me is that I am always humming or whistling. It’s something I’ll avoid in class but every once in a while there may be a low subtle tune in the background.

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