Hello world.

Hello guys!
I’m Janet, I’m in my third year studying political science, history and anthropology. Some specific academic interests include a wide variety different topics including political theory, classical history, and contemporary political debate. What I think I will enjoy about this class most is its unusual format and how relevant it is to todays’ interconnected world. The future is in technology and if history is going to have a future I think it needs to be preserved in some creative and new ways taking advantage of technology.

Since this year’s topic is tentatively water, I think it could be a great way to learn more about local history- something I’ve honestly never done before (which I think is much needed). I am somewhat worried about the programming aspects of the class but I am more excited than I am worried.

In terms of myself, I’ve done lots of quirky hobbies, including but not limited to obscure sports like archery, fencing, and dragon-boating. I also have interests in design, art, videography, and costume design.

I look forward to working together with you all,


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